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Collyweston Palace has been found!

Official Press Release - for immediate release

For generations the people of Collyweston have been told of a lost Tudor Palace that used to house Kings and Queens of England. Was this a myth or a real Palace.

In 2018 Collyweston Historical Society started a renewed phase of work to find the Palace and after completing our last 12 months work we are now pleased to announce that we have finally found the lost Tudor Palace of Collyweston.

Below we have set out 4 catagories for you to browse which set out our plans to find the Palace, some history on who resided at the Palace and what we know of the Palace already. These categories will be updated as we understand more.

CollyPalace overhead.JPG
The Investigation

Check out our roadmap on what we are doing with our ongoing investigation on the Palace.

The Future Plans

Find out where we go from here and what our plans are for 2024

HENRY 8TH.jpeg
The History

See who stayed and had an interest in the Palace

Screenshot 2023-12-09 at 21.11.03.png
The Media 

We have made the news. Find out more

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 17.51.36.png
The Evidence

Check out the work to date and how we know we have found the palace.

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