Collyweston Palace

Collyweston Historical Society is currently undertaking a major project to find the location and extent of the 15th century Palace that was owned by Margaret Beaufort and which was home to King Henry VIII as a child.

In September 2018 our society commenced plans to embark on answering the question on where our Palace was located and these investigations will culminate in a Palace Weekend which is planned for September 7th and 8th September 2019.

Below we have set out 3 catagories for you to browse which set out our plans to find the Palace, some history on who resided at the Palace and what we know of the Palace already. These categories will be updated as we understand more.

CollyPalace overhead.JPG


Check out our roadmap on what we are doing with our ongoing investigation on the Palace.

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Who Lived at the Palace?

See who stayed and had an interest in the Palace


What we know so far about the Palace

We have scoured the records and this is what we know so far about the Palace