An important part of Collyweston Historical Society is to record personal accounts of residents who have information that future generations would love to hear about. It could be a position of authority, a story of war or a business story.

Slate, Snakes and Public Service

A night in conversation audio file of Shelagh's personal account of life in Collyweston through to present day as Chairman of the Parish Council.

Shelagh Busby

44 Years on the Drove

Albert, a sprightly 92 year old, and his delightful wife have lived on The Drove in Collyweston for 44 years.

Albert & Audrey Blake

Winter of 46-47

The Winter of 46-47 was one of the worst on record.

Author Unknown

Drama at the Parish Council

1898 records all was not well at our Parish Council

Sandra Johnson

Love at first sight

An outsiders account of Collyweston

Evelyn Close

The Forties - A Difficult Time

Read the report of a child sent to Collyweston at the outbreak of war

Newton Myers

Spies in Collyweston?

A spy in Collyweston? Surely not.

Peter Saunston

The Best Day of the Year

Home made gifts, a dinner that became a pet and mince pies. Christmas in Collyweston was special.


A personal account as a boy in WWII

Long term resident Percy gives a personal account of life in Collyweston during WWII

Percy Walton

Bringing home the bread

Long term resident Evelyn Close produced a detailed account of the village Bakery

Evelyn Close

Menace of the Zeppelin

1916 -1917 Collyweston had a problem overhead in the form of German Zeppelins

Chris Close

3 Weddings & a Grumpy Stepmother

A wedding, a horse and cart and a landlords daughter. What could possibly go wrong!

Evelyn Close

Memories of Christmas time

Pre war Christmas in Collyweston was very different than today

Evelyn Close

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