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Drama at the Parish Council Meeting

Researched by Sandra Johnson

Minutes of a meeting held on Friday April 15th 1898 at 7pm

Members Present: Messrs: J Burbidge,

R H Close

W G Pick

B Hutchins

H H Brown

J Hand


The first business done was the declaration of each of the councillors in the presence of two others that he accepted the office M J J Tasker, being absent, did not sign the declaration.


Chairman Mr Jas Close, the chairman elected for the year 1897 placed himself uninvited in the chair at this the first meeting of the new council and informed them that he should remain in the chair until the council elected on to fill that office. Though one or two of the councillors objected to such an unprecedented line of action, he was permitted to preside as chairman until one was elected to the office.


Thereupon Mr B Hutchins proposed and Mr R H Close seconded that the Rev E F Buckton be, and he was elected as chairman for the year. Before the councillor who seconded this motion had time to speak the chairman pro tem rose and tried to stop the proceeding. As sib as he found the council were obdurate, he walked out of the room, at which – “verbum sat sapienti”*


Proposed by H H Brown, seconded by Mr Hutchins that Mr R H Close be and he was elected vice chairman.


Proposed by Mr Pick, seconded by Mr Burbidge that Mr H H Brown act as hon. Clerk for the council which was carried.


* Fables quote wise men Socrates(?) English at war is enough for a wiseman

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