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May 18th 1912, Colleyweston v Fineshade played at Colleyweston.
Colleyweston won by 50 runs.


Colleyweston batted first, opener G Hough made top score of 42, Robert Close made 20 and Rev Baldwin 10. W Curtis, J Robinson and W Knapp all got ducks, the total was 96. Best bowler for Fineshade was
C Templar with 5 wickets, F Barratt took 2 wickets,
E Barwell 2 and there was 1 run out.

In reply, Fineshade could not cope with the Colly bowling, G Hough again making his mark with 3 wickets, J Spiers 3 wickets, Robert Close 2, and Harold Close and Arthur Close 1 wicket apiece to restrict Fineshade to only 46 runs.


The Colly team included 3 Closes (Arthur, son Robert and nephew Harold), 2 Harrods (G & J), W Knapp, G Hough, W Curtis, J Robinson, J Spiers and Rev Baldwin. The scorebook also records that the Umpire, L Hill, had his nose broken during the game (how it happened is not recorded).

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